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Enjoy fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees here or to go. Serving fresh local coffee, smoothies, beer and wine. Serving year­ round staples as well as seasonal favorites.

Call today for more details: (207­) 647-­5211


Beth’s brew tudicohee roasted by Maine morning Micro Roasters!
Local Organic wood fire roasted Speckled Ax Coffee, Mighty leaf teas
Sm. 1.85 / med 2.25 / lg. 2.65 / Bottomless Blue $5.00

Beth’s Cocoa Sm. 2.99 8oz. / lg. 3.99, 12 oz.

Traditional Espresso Drinks,Our own Cold Brew Clean Smoothies, Green tea and Chai lattes, Ice cream drinks
Assorted cold drinks are in the cooler


Corned beef or veggie Hash w/ two eggs, homemade bread toasted 10.99
Coconut French toast w/bfast meat 8.75
Pancakes w/your favorite topping and bfast meat 9.99
3 egg Omelets your choice of filling, toast,breakfast meat 9.25
Bagel w/herb cream cheese $5.99, smoked salmon and veggies 8.99
Spinach, goat cheese, 2 egg breakfast wrap 7.25
Oatmeal w/ cran, raisins, pecans, walnuts, almonds 5.99
Tilla’s breakfast sandwich 1/2 english, honey mustard, sm.gouda, egg veg 6.25
Breakfast B.L.T egg, avocado, grilled english muffin toast 7.25


Apple turnover, Raspberry walking sticks $3.25, cinnamon buns 3.99
Homemade donuts 1.99 Quiche 3.25
Breakfast Stromboli 5.25
Gluten Free breakfast pizza 2.75
Fresh Baked Muffins mini .65 / sm. 1.79 / lg. 3.59
Granola Parfait 4.99, Fresh Fruit cup 5.29


Breakfast sandwich (egg,choice of meat,bread,cheese) 4.99
1 egg 1.00, toast 1.50, breakfast meat 1.25

Croissant, artisan breads, homemade breads, bagels, English muffins 2.50
Home fries sm 2.50 8.oz, Lg. 3.50 16 oz. Latka 1.99
Side of Corned beef or veg. hash 5.99
3 egg omelet 6.99, 2 egg 5.99, any filling
1 pancake 4.50,1 French toast 3.50
Xtra syrup 1.25, cream cheese .75, homemade herb cr/ch $1.00
Gluten free add 1.00

Cafe Favorites

Veggie Melt loaded w/fresh veg, avocado,dill havarti on ciabatta 9.99
Famous Rueben on grilled homemade marble 9.99
Hot Pastrami w/prov, tom,onion,pickle,thousand,sr.dough 9.99
Open face steak and cheese w/prov, tom,onion,pickle,thousand,sr.dough 9.99
Chicken Salad Wrap w/cran, walnuts,lettuce 9.99
Tuna melt w/brie,bacon,onion,tomato on ciabatta 9.99
Hot ham, bacon, sm.gouda,tom,onion,apple maple horseradish mayo 9.99
Cafe capri chicken brst,spin,tom,fresh mozz,pesto on naan 10.99
Lobster roll lightly dressed, grilled fresh baguette (seasonal) 16.99
All natural Cafe Burger, bacon, cheddar, side greens on ciabatta 10.99
Cubanno rst, pork,ham,pickles,scallions,pepers,pj,jalepeno dijonaise 9.99

Create Your Own Deli Sandwich

Bread Fine Deli Meats Cheese
Country White Oven Rst. Turkey American
Wheat Berry Roast Beef Swiss
Whole Grain Ciabatta Salami Provolone
Artisan Sr. Dough Pastrami Pepper Jack
Asst. Wraps Corned Beef Dill Havarti
Homemade Marble Smoke House Ham Brie,fresh Mozz
Homemade English Chicken,tuna Salad Sm Gouda
Naan Flat Bread Chicken Breast Cheddar

Sandwich Veggies
Green Leaf,tomato,onion,cukes,sprouts,carrot,peppers, Mushroom,scallion,spinach,banana Pepper, Pepper, Jalepeno, Kalamata Olives, Sesame Seaweed(Xtra)
Mayo,asst. Mayo,grainy Mustard,hummus,avocado, Pesto

Sliced Bread 8.75, Specialty Bread 8.99 , Wraps 8.99, 1/2 5.99
Gluten Free 8.99, Sandwiches Served With Chips And Pickle

Garden Salad: spring, mix,veggies sm.5.99 lg.8.99, Chicken Breast 12.99
Chef Salad: spring mix,veggies,turkey,swiss,ham,boiled egg 10.99
Greek Salad: spring mix,veggies,kalamata olives,feta,salami 10.99
Spinach Salad: veggies,fresh fruit,goat cheese,asst. nuts 10.99

Traditional Espresso Drinks

Espresso: 3 Oz. $1.85 / 6 Oz.$2.85
(Syrup Extraction With A Silky Thick Cream)

Cappuccino: 8 Oz. $2.99 / 12 Oz.$3.99
(Espresso,silky Wet Foam, Topped With A Dryer Meringue Like Foam)

Latte: 8 Oz.$2.99 / 12 Oz.$3.99
(Espresso With Silky Wet Foam)

Breve: 8.oz $3.25 / 12 Oz. $4.25
(Cappuccino Or Latte Using Cream)

Macciatto: 3 Oz.$1.95 / 5 Oz.$2.95
(Espresso Marked With A Silky Wet Foam)

Americano: 8 Oz.$1.85 / 12 Oz.$2.85
(Lighter Espresso)

Green Tea/chai Latte: 8 Oz.$2.99 / 12 Oz.$3.99

Beths Cocoa: 8 Oz. $2.99 / 12 Oz. 3.99

Ask About Our House Cappuccino And Latte!


Cheese Cake $24.00/$3.99
Whoopie Pies $3.99
Chocolate Torte $26.00/$3.99
Carrot Cake $28.00/$4.99
Homemade Fruit Pies $18.00
Cuttie Pies $4.99,
Sweetie Pies $2.99
Assorted Creme Pies $24.00
Wheat Fudge Brownies $1.99
Granola Bars $4.25
Baklava 3.25,lemon Squares 3.25
Cannoli 2.99, Biscotti 2.25
Peanut Butter Mousse Tart $32.00/$5.75
W.g. Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.99
Almond Macaroons $1.99
Ginger Snaps $1.99
Holy Healthy Cookies $1.99
Afternoon Delight 2.25(Vegan)
Choc. Crinkles $1.99
Melt Aways $3.25,
Pizzelle Cookies $1.50
Cupcakes Sm. 1.50 Med. 3.99 Lg. 4.99
Baby Cakes 1.25 Cake Pops 1.99

Beth's Kitchen Cafe
207-647-5211  |  108 Main St. Bridgton, Maine  |  Open Daily 7am-3pm